January 2015

January 2015 | Quality Report Headlines

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A huge public achievement – Protocols of the arbitration proceedings with Israel Chemicals Ltd., will be published. The Supreme Court has rejected the appeal by ICL and demanded of them to publish the protocols of the arbitration proceeding for royalties – The Supreme Court accepted the position by the Israel Union for Environmental Defense and the Movement for Quality Government stating that the arbitration proceedings on the issue of royalties held between the state and Dead Sea Works must be published. The justices demanded from ICL to pay 30,000 NIS to either side, while leaving the verdict of the District Court from last July intact: “This is not a private dispute. This is a dispute and a conflict with significant public attributes”.

Personal example: Prior to the first session of the Committee for determining the salary of the MKs – The salary increase of the Mks must be prevented. Director of MQG, Mr. Eli Sulam, turned to Prof. Haim Levy, chairman of the Public Committee for determining the salary and conditions of the Mks: “MQGs position is that the automatic annual salary update of elected officials is inappropriate and unacceptable during this difficult time, when all citizens are required to “tighten belts”. A time when we are witnessing mass layoffs and severe cuts to education and welfare.” The Movement for Quality Government launched a campaign in September 2013 against raising the salary of the Mks, and has gained support by the general public. As part of the campaign, a petition that was started has already been signed by over 16,000 supporters. Simultaneously, members of the Knesset have been approached by MQG and its supporters.

“The era of darkness at the Israel Investment Center (ICC) is over” – The Movement for Quality Government petitioned the Supreme Court regarding the ICCs conduct over many years, during which a billion NIS of taxpayer money “evaporated” from public funds without any legal justification. Some of the money “disappeared” through non transparent ICC resolutions which followed no required guidelines or procedures. The ICC also demonstrated poor judgment by leaving itself no real ability to monitor the return of the funds to the public, if necessary. During the proceedings of the petition, both parties reached an agreement regarding the extensive changes in the future conduct of the ICC. These agreements will ensure transparency and competent conduct along with clear procedures and predetermined criteria. The Court gave these agreements the force of a legal ruling.

Equal sharing of the burden – following the supreme court’s decision to MQG and other bodies’ petition calling to stop the funding of Yeshivas where students avoid the draft: We demand the government to stop the ongoing violation and disregard of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding Rubinstein in 1998, which has led us to this current and absurd situation. We also demand the government to immediately raise the amount of yeshiva students who are drafted, as required by the only law currently in effect – the Defense Service Law .

Success in exposing crony capitalism relationships – Following MQGs intervention: Micky Federman’s beach villa in Herzliya was vacated. The order to vacate the villa was given due to its construction in violation of the law of design and construction on the coastline, placing it near the Dan Acadia Hotel, owned by Federman. MQG received this month a response from the Municipality of Herzliya to its repeated appeals. In its response, the Municipality of Herzliya announced that an examination carried out on the premises shows that the property has been vacated and the use of property for residency has ceased.

Publicizing the votes by members of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation – The Movement for Quality Government called on the members of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation demanding them to publish their voting record on every bill brought before them. “Despite the crucial role of the Ministerial Committee, its affairs are conducted in the dark, without any protocol and without the public knowing which of its elected representatives supported one proposal or another. The only information conveyed to the public is the final decision reached by the committee.”

MQG to the Mayoral examination committee – It must be made clear to Shlomo Lachyani,  Mayor of Bat-Yam, that any violation of the Committee’s decision regarding his suspension might lead him to face criminal legal action. This comes in light of media reports showing Mr. Lachyani continuing to, allegedly, “run things” from behind the scenes.

Cost of living – MQG, together with the organizations; Social Justice – The Situation Room, The consumers and The Initiative for decentralization, turned to Yael Endoran, Chairman of the interministerial committee for lowering the cost of living, requesting her to meet with the organizations representing the public interest in reducing the cost of living regarding the food market.

“The Rebbe procedure at the airport is in blatant infringement of equality” – The Movement for Quality Government called on The Minister of Transport and Director of the Airport Authority, demanding clarifications regarding the Rebbe procedure at Ben Gurion Airport. This procedure allows 45 rabbis to arrive at the aircraft ramp in their private vehicles, when security checks are conducted while in their cars.

Bonuses for Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) employees – In light of publications indicating that IEC will approve salary increases to its employees, and later even part of the profits for obtaining their consent in promoting the “fiber project”, MQG called on decision makers emphasizing that the senseless raise of salaries and distribution of profits constitutes a dangerous precedent that could have implications for the entire economy. IEC is not only entitled to promote projects that are publicly suitable, as provided by law, but it is required to do so. IECs duty to act in the public interest doesn’t require it to benefit the workers’ union, while harming the public by hurting its public funds in the process.

Rabbi Pinto – An appeal to the state prosecutor demanding to refrain from withdrawing charges and offenses from the indictment against Rabbi Pinto, as part of a settlement – There are times when the public interest requires to refrain from reaching a settlement and to indict the suspect, and this is one of them: “Without underestimating the importance of bringing to justice police officials who have the responsibility to fight crime and enforcing the law, when they are suspected of foul play,  bringing the corrupting factor to justice is no less important and vital. This matter raises the suspicions that Rabbi Pinto allegedly created a court which acted consciously to boost his status, in a corrupt and corrupting fashion.”

The collapse of Hadassah Hospital – The Movement for Quality Government turned to the trustees of the Hadassah Medical Center calling them to examine whether the retirement arrangement and grants awarded to Prof. Mor-Yosef are legal, affordable and meet public policy: “The possibility of restitution and cessation of the monthly pension payments must be considered”.

Municipal Petition – The Movement for Quality Government filed a lawsuit on January 28th, 2014, to the Regional Labor Court in Tel Aviv against the municipality of Lod demanding them to retract the appointment of Lod’s municipality CEO, Mr. Aharon Attias, since he does not meet the managerial experience requirements needed of a public official to fill the position.

MQG to the Municipality of Ramat Hasharon – Dozens of billboards located in the urban space were erected, allegedly, without a permit. The Movement for Quality Government turned to the acting Mayor of Ramat Hasharon, pointing out the potential for serious danger as a result of placing billboards in the urban space, which were erected, allegedly, without construction permits. MQG demands the municipality to point out those who are responsible for placing the signs.

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