Illustration of a police car on the Shaar Hagay shifter  near   Jerusalem, Dec 22 2010 about the the budget cuts to the Local authorities. .photo by Abir Sultan/Flash 90 *** Local Caption *** ðééãú îùèøä
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MQG: The Law Must Apply to All – Including Police Officers

MQG called on to the Minister of Public Security and to the Police Commissioner to initiate a probe to investigate the disturbing issues raised in the latest State Comptroller’s report. One of the main findings of the report was that many traffic violations are committed by police officers, yet the police continuously fails to deal with it. Such a probe must result…

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MQG to the Accountant General: The unnecessary costs of the Justice Minister’s flight to Germany must be paid by the party responsible for this wasteful decision

MQG Calls on the Accountant General in the Ministry of Finance to impose on the responsible party with the costs of two separate flights needed for the Justice Minister, MK Ayelet Shaked, to join the official government delegation to Germany. MQG stated that there was no justification for Minister Shaked to fly separately and especially not on the public’s dime, therefore…

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Monthly Report Headlines | January 2016

Gigantic Appeal to the High Court of Justice – The Gas Arrangement Must be Cancelled: This appeal is being lodged because of the improper, hasty, tendentious, and unauthorized steps taken by the Prime Minister to neutralize the Antitrust Regulator and his Court and dispossess them of their authority. We are also appealing because the process by…