Notable Achievements in Recent Years (Updated: 2017)

The Demonstrations High Court petition – following the efforts to silence the Petah Tiqva anti-corruption demonstrations, the Movement petitioned the High Court and has won. This result caused a verdict that is finally establishing the freedom of demonstration in the state of Israel.

The PM affairs – A criminal investigation of the submarines affair commenced only after the Movement had petitioned the High Court concerning this issue. Another petition of the Movement resulted in the PM’s giving up his office as Communication Minister.

Struggle against debt haircuts – Following the vast public struggle and the Movement’s participation in Knesset discussions and actions towards relevant factors, such as the Attorney General of Israel and the Banks Supervisor, it was decided to cancel the huge debt haircut planned for tycoon Fishman. The initial intention was to cut 76% off his ILS 4 billion debt.

The recruitment High Court petition – Following the Movement’s long struggle, the High Court has accepted the petition against exempting Yeshiva’s students from being recruited by the IDF and cancelled the discriminating recruiting law.

Cancelling the million shekels of bonuses to people with no link to agriculture – for years, millions of the state’s money designated for “supporting agriculture” had been allocated to a group of people of whom many do not deal in agriculture at all. The bonus was cancelled following the Movement’s activity.

The Netanya Municipality corruption affair – After the Movement had provided the police and the prosecution office with information and recordings, an investigation commenced and suspects, among them the Mayor, were detained.

The Dolphinarium precinct – we have succeeded to delay the confirmation of Tel Aviv Municipality’s deal according to which real estate tycoons were to have construction rights bonuses worth ILS 1.2 billion, at the expense of the public, in exchange for evacuating the Dolphinarium precinct they own which is worth only ILS 42 million. We had petitioned the High Court to stop the whole deal.

The whistleblower in Israel Electric Company – Moran Genossar had warned of failures and corruption involved in the procedures of ordering certain systems for the company. However instead of thanking him, relevant persons in the company preferred to dismiss him. The judges confirmed the Movement’s representation of the public interest by helping Moran through his struggle in the court. Later on, indictments were submitted against seniors involved in this affair.

Sheshinski Law 2 – the Movement attended the Knesset Committees’ discussions and acted intensively towards the KMs in order to protect the public’s rights regarding nature resources. Eventually Israel Chemicals’ attempts to gain reliefs and to dissolve the bill have failed.

The gas layout – The Movement’s petition led to cancelling the “stability paragraph” that had been part of the gas layout and was supposed to fix the gas monopoly for 30 years, this way limiting the Government’s and the Knesset’s capacity to decide and to act with regards to this issue.

The KMs’ remuneration – the Movement continues the struggle against the automatic annual incremental increase of the KMs’ salaries. However, an intermediate achievement was gained when, following our pressure, a law was accepted, enabling KMs to waive their increments. Dozens of them indeed chose to do so and, in some cases, even to donate the sums.

Political appointments in the Ministry of Finance – the Movement’s petition caused the resigning of politically appointed persons who are the Minister of Finance’s associates.

The State Comptroller’s reports – the Movement’s petition has ended the Government’s disregard for the State Comptroller’s special reports.

Limiting the lobbyists –a law advanced by the Movement has been accepted: finally, real limitations will be applied to lobbyists’ activity in the Knesset.

Cancelling the bonus for the former board of directors’ chairman in Israel Postal Company – following the Movement’s interference, it was decided to cancel the hundreds of thousands of shekels bonus that was supposed to be given away to the chairman in spite of the deep financial crisis of the postal company.

Cancelling the dismissal of the whistleblower in Nazareth Illit municipality – the Movement’s petition generated the cancellation of the dismissal of Eran Bar Rabi, CEO of Nazareth Illit municipality.

The pensions of the Israelis will not be sold to China – dangerous deals, by which the control of the Israelis’ pensions was supposed to be transferred to Chinese companies, were cancelled due to the Movement’s interference.

The struggle for transparency – according to the freedom of Information law, the Movement submits, day by day, petitions and appeals that cause exposure of information that many times the authorities prefer to hide. Here are some examples: the advertising budget of the Government Companies Authority; 17 local governments’ reports of Freedom of Information; the real estate of Israel Postal Company; Finance Minister Kahlon’s agreement of conflict of interest.

Internal auditors in municipalities – Following the Movement’s petition, Municipalities are being obliged to appoint internal auditors.