Legal Department

The legal department of the Movement for Quality Government in Israel (MQG) leads the movement’s legal campaigns to change the norms of governance, Integrity and proper administration of government authorities. The department operates both through petitions to the Supreme Court and other claims to the different courts.

The department emphasizes the protection of public funds and defending whistleblowers. In addition, the department also deals with initiating legislation, providing ongoing legal advice to the movement and presenting various information to public and elected officials, teenagers and military personnel.

Economics and Research Department

The Distribution of state assets as gifts to the privileged, giving gifts to the wealthy, crony relationships and favorable treatment of close associates have all established themselves over the past years as unacceptable norms of governmental conduct, resulting in the state losing extremely valuable assets.

In order to stop this erosion, the Department of Economics and Research was established. This department follows such transactions in order to stop these phenomenons before they occur, and keeps state assets from being misused. The department serves as a “watchdog” for the management of the state budget, while putting an emphasis on the equality and transparency in the education budgets. In order to achieve this, the department identifies issues that require action in accordance with the objectives of MQG, conducts an initial review and provides an action strategy.

In order to perform a more thorough analysis, data is studied from different sources, such as; State Comptroller reports, reports of various Knesset committees, annual reports of public agencies, statistical reports, reports of various organizations, companies and other NGOs.

Public Inquiries (Legal Hotline)

MQG’s “Legal Hotline” combines a “watchdog” feature with an educational vision. Every citizen who encounters an injustice caused by improper government behavior can contact the”Legal Hotline”. The “Legal Hotline” is a special project operated by law students from the Hebrew University and Sha’arei Mishpat Academic Center in Hod Hasharon, who work under the guidance of MQG’s staff and volunteer lawyers. The “Legal Hotline” also provides the students with an opportunity to get acquainted with the system of the rule of law, as well as being involved in its operations. MQG reviews the complaints it receives, and in accordance with the evidence, directs them to the appropriate parties, such as the Israeli Police, the State Comptroller or the Supreme Court.

Every year witnesses a growth in the number of inquiries, whereby today, the amount of Inquiries stands at approximately 1,200 per year.

Spokesperson Department

The department’s goals are to spread the word regarding MQG’s activities and actions to the various media outlets. This includes the appearances of different MQG members on radio and television shows, as well as in newspaper interviews, alongside Initiation of image articles on MQG and its members.

  • Ongoing advocacy of MQG’s operations.
  • Providing comments to the media for various events.
  • Managing and updating MQG’s website.
  • Development and operation of various petitions via the Internet.
  • Editing and distribution of MQG’s online newsletter “Amud Haesh”.
  • Appearance in “house meeting” across the country to spread MQG’s ideals.
  • Providing important informational material on MQG.
  • Production and distribution of promotional material on MQG.
  • Comprising the “Knights Committee” in order to select the “Knight of Quality Government”.

Civic Department

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

The current situation in the country regarding corruption, improper management, lack of transparency in budgets and crony relationships all raise public concerns and the need for an entity such as the Movement for Quality Government. MQG needs a broad public backing and an independent financial support. In light of this reality, the Civic Department was established in 2004. This department is responsible for recruiting new members, and the preservation of long time existing members, continuous updating, maintaining constant contact and response to members on issues related to MQG, and referring friends to its various departments. In addition, the Civic department manages the MQG communities on various websites and on social networks, and is considered one of the most influential Facebook pages in Israel with 120,000 followers. The department also established a telephone recruitment department and works on online petitions to connect its supporters to its various civic activities, as well as operating a nationwide network of volunteers, to promote MQG’s goals.

The department’s goals:

  • Operating MQG’s committees and establishing new ones.
  • Increasing the number of members and donors.
  • Establishing an organizational infrastructure to operate volunteers nationwide.
  • Preparing a civil infrastructure for protests which vary in size and in character.
  • Preparing a logistics infrastructure for protests.
  • Establishing a communication system with members and activists.
  • Organizing MQG events.

Members of the movement interested in volunteering and helping to promote various projects, are welcome to contact the Civic department via email: