The Struggle against Anti-Democratic Legislation: Protests and Court Petitions

Upon establishing the new government, highly dangerous anti-democratic bills have started being legislated. The damage is not only to integrity and to the fight against corruption but to democracy per se. Consequently, we are entering a critical struggle.

We have already petitioned the Supreme Court against the two laws that were passed in the meanwhile: the law intended to enable criminals to be appointed ministers and the law that changes the Police Ordinance andincreases its subordination to the political rank. In addition we have started a broad public struggle: thousands of citizens have already joined our demonstrations across the country in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the North, the South, and more.

Our legal department will react to any other anti-democratic law that will be passed in the Knesset; the department is being prepared with petitions relevant to every scenario. We willtake action againstthe intention to legislate a dangerous Passage of Overcoming that will enable the Coalition to pass any law even when this will lead to hurting the very basic civil rights that are typical of a democratic state. We will also fight against the intentions to legislate a retroactive immunity law for the Prime Minister, to cancel the offense of “Breach of Trust” – a move that will cause an uncontrollable epidemic of corruption for many years to come – and against all the attempts to hurt the Rule of the Law, the judicial system and Democracy.