Stop the Rise in Water Rates!


When the Water Corporations Lack Integrity: The Hakol Kalool (All Inclusive – a TV program) Water Law was passed a year and a half ago. This law determined reducing the number of water corporations and changing the draconian rules that extorted the Israeli citizens. The law had been confirmed after a long struggle of the TV program’s staff headed by Sivan Cohen, but the local councils have been heedless of the law and of the citizens who are being forced to cope with the rising water rates in Israel.

That is to say, nearly 20 years have passed since the Water and Sewage Corporations Law had been legislated, indicating that water and sewage services will be provided to the citizens by corporations and not, as had been before, by the local councils and under their responsibility. Over this time the water tariffs rose and managing the corporations became economically clumsy and burdening. A system that comprises so many corporations will not maintain integrity: this condition leads to exaggerated numbers of jobs and rents, to bureaucracy and doubled work, and – according to a Knesset’s debriefing – also to a rise in the water’s prices!

Led by Sivan Cohen, TV program Hakol Kalool decided in 2014 to put an end to the water wrongs in Israel. After endless complaints and sorrowful tales the program’s staff, together with KM Itzik Shmooli and Minister of Economy Eli Cohen, initiated the Hakol Kalool Law for reducing the number of water corporations.

Following a long struggle of Hakol Kalool, in 2018 the Knesset confirmed the Law’s Amendment No. 12 according to which the number of regional water corporations will not exceed 30 (instead of the present 56) in order to reduce the costs of operating the water corporate and so to save the consumers’ money.

In addition, the amendment made hard the procedure of receiving exemption from merger and passed the authority of granting exemption from the Water Authority Council to the Minister of Energy. The amendment further stated social benefits in order to make it financially easier for people of lower economical ability.

Given the current situation of implementing no reduction in the number of the water corporations, all of the factors that have been involved in this issue are de facto  sharing the breach of the Law: the corporations, the Water Authority, the Local Government, and the Ministers of Energy, Finance and Interior.

We call all these factors to implement the Law: reduce the number of water corporations and reduce the water prices! We call upon the government to solve this problem – and if it doesn’t, we will petition the Supreme Court of Israel.

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