State Comptroller Engelman: Don’t abandon the fight against corruption!

The new State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman has recently stated his intention to close the department that is dedicated to fighting corruption.  We have no doubt that this act will seriously harm the fight against corruption in all levels of government.

This decision joins another intention of Engelman’s – to grant government officials, who are supposed to be under his scrutiny and subject to his criticism, with the ability to choose which issues will be checked.

Engelman’s decision to close the department without transferring its responsibilities to another department contradicts Basic Law: The State Comptroller that clearly indicates one of the Comptroller’s main roles: inspecting the integrity of governmental institutions. The importance of the current case is not only about maintaining the law; it is also about the harmful message delivered to the public, showing that the person who is in charge of the fight against corruption actually abandons it. We contacted the State Comptroller urgently and demanded that he withdraws his decision. In addition we have initiated a public protest against the decision, with thousands of citizens joining us within several days.

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