Say NO to anti-democratic legislation

Following the elections, the coalition negotiations started alongside ideas of anti-democratic legislation – the Passage of Overcoming, the so-called French Law, the Immunity from Prosecution Law,  another law that would undermine the Gatekeepers and turn their roles into the politicians’ “positions of trust”, and more such ideas.

Not only that this legislation might turn the Knesset into a shelter for suspects and criminals, but it also severely harms some of the very fundamental concepts of democracy such as equality before the law, independence of the courts, the Rule of Law and more. Some of these suggestions are personal in nature: it seems they were tailored specifically to suit the PM’s measures and to serve him, and they are also retroactive. We have launched a vast public struggle to which, within just a few days, thousands Israelis joined and signed the demand from the Knesset members to refrain from supporting this legislation. In addition we perform daily protests that express our determination to continue our struggle until these hazardous initiatives disappear. Sign our Petition!