We demand an investigation into the submarine sale to Egypt

According to a report recently published, the testimony of Amos Gil’ad (formerly Head of The Political-Security Division in the Ministry of Defense), PM Netanyahu is the one who approved Germany’s selling submarines to Egypt.

According to the publications, this testimony is completely contrary to Netanyahu’s past claims by which Germany had no need of Israel’s consent and didn’t receive any. This issue joins other publications arguing that Netanyahu held shares in a company whose one of the main clients is Thyssenkrupp. Already in November 2018 we’d demanded of the Attorney General to order investigation completions in this affair, and now our arguments have received significant reinforcement.  This affair illustrates the fact that corruption is not just “corruption”, but it is a way of behaving that has the potential of damaging each and every aspect of our life here. If it comes to proving the suspicions, there is even fear of harming the State’s security. Did inappropriate interests led to Israel’s approval of Egypt’s arming with submarines that might break the balance between the two countries? Had there been any consideration of the possibility that these submarines will fall into the hands of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood if it returns to power in Egypt? Was it done without the Security Establishment’s awareness or in contrast to its opinion? Already a year ago we’d demanded establishing a committee for examining the affair’s security aspects; now, everybody realize why this is necessary. We haven’t forgotten that at first, attempts were made to nullify this entire grave affair. Only after we had petitioned the High Court of Justice, the investigation opened. Once again we contacted the Attorney General, The State Prosecutor and the Deputy Police Inspector General in demand to apply investigation completions in the Submarines Affair. When National Security is the issue there’s no place for risks.

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