What happened to Ruth David’s cases? Join our campaign!

We petitioned the Supreme Court – and we need the public to join us. Join our campaign! We demand from minister of justice Ayelet Shaked to assemble a special governmental exploratory committee to investigate the failings in the Tel-Aviv district attorney’s office during Ruth David’s tenure as D.A.!

Why did it take 6 years to press charges against former Ramat-Ha’Sharon mayor Yitzhak Rochbereger? What brought The D.A.s office to make a plea bargain ridiculously in favor of the Dadush brothers in one of the biggest drug deals in Israel’s history? How did Shuki Mishol turn from whistleblower (concerning the Taxation authority) to a hunted man? Why was the case against former Ramla mayor, Yoel Lavi, closed against the recommendation given by the police, to press charges?

These are some of the mystifying decisions made by Ruth David during her tenure as Tel-Aviv’s District Attorney that we are demanding to know how they happened – and, who let it happen?
As you may know, there are serious allegations concerning Ruth David’s improper interference in ongoing criminal investigations in the Tel-Aviv district attorney’s office, as well as obstructing and preventing criminal cases that had sufficient evidence to go to trial. Especially in cases involving Ronel Fischer and Yair Biton due to her strong personal ties with them.

During this campaign we will post a selection of the allegations against Ruth David that have yet to be properly investigated. All this in order to apply public pressure to assemble a governmental exploratory committee to investigate them.
We need your support!