Municiapal Elections: Calling on all candidates to be committed to fighting corruption!


The municipal elections are just a few months away, and we are launching a new campaign: No Vote for Corruption!

We are launching the Treaty for Fighting Corruption in Local Authorities: from now on, you voters own the power! In three months we once again will be electing the persons who will be managing our places of living, our education and social welfare issues, in fact – ours and our families’ daily life. It is only up to us – the public – to determine which persons will be the ones elected to do so.

The Movement will arrive everywhere in the country – north and south, center and periphery, towns and villages – in order to call all of the candidates to join us in signing the Treaty for Fighting Corruption in Local Authorities, to pledge themselves to act under full transparency and to secure integrity, to avoid any conflict of interests and – prior to anything else – not to breach the trust bestowed on them by their electors.

Precisely here is where you may join: send our Treaty to your candidates, call them to sign and to pledge themselves to enhance a government of integrity and high quality. Make it clear to them that prior to elections-related promises of budgets and events, the most significant promise should be their being worthy of your vote.

In the upcoming elections we will be Voting Clean – Voting Worth – Voting Quality!