MQG to Supreme Court: Stop the private meetings between Netanyahu and Attorney General Mandelblit

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel has submitted a petition against the private meetings between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Attorney General Mandelblit.

Although Netanyahu is suspected in three investigations and it is Mandelblit who must decide whether to charge him, the two continue to meet privately.

These meetings raise concerns of conflict of interest, contamination of the criminal proceedings, and harsh damage to public trust, but the Attorney General seems unconcerned. So after over 70 meetings between only the Attorney General and the Prime Minister over no less than two years—we submitted a petition to the High Court!

We contacted Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and called on him to stop meeting privately with Prime Minister Netanyahu in light of the fact that he is exposing himself and Netanyahu to disruption of legal proceedings. When this proved ineffective, we were forced to petition the Supreme Court and request it to impose conditional orders that require the Attorney General to appear and explain his surprising decision.