Controversial, unqualified government appointment

With one controversial, unqualified government appointment, Israel stands ready to undermine the professionalism values of its civil service. In fact, it’s supposed to happen today.

The position for which Ofra Bracha is to be appointed, Civil Service Commissioner, is one of the most important in the country. She would oversee all 75,000 employees in the civil service, from students to administrators. It is a position that requires a professional, qualified, and experienced individual. An individual who can remain independent and work adamantly for the people, not one who will cave to political pressure and work for those who appointed her.

Herein lies the problem, Ofra Bracha fails to meet any of these requirements. Despite this, she is allegedly a favorite of Prime Minister Netanyahu, whose office employs her daughter and sister. After the High Court disqualified the previous appointment committee for, allegedly, being coerced and prepared to approve the appointment, a new special committee was formed. However, reports suggest that this committee is also expected to confirm the appointment.

Not only does Ofra Bracha previous work, which was in a very small office in the Office of the Interior, leave her unqualified for the venerable role, she also has been criticized by the State Comptroller for her performance in her previous job. So what entitles her to this promotion?