Netanyahu – declare incapacity as long as a decision has not been rendered in your case! (Sign the petition)

Cases 1000 and 2000: The Police announcement according to which there is an evidentiary basis to indict Prime Minister Netanyahu with charges involving a breach of integrity, ignored another aspect of the affair – a minor thing called the “Anti-Trust Law”, a law designed to promote and protect competition in a host of spheres in the Israeli economy.

According to the facts detailed in the Police announcement the day before yesterday – a clear apprehension is evident that the purpose of the talks between Netanyahu and “Noni” Moses was to reduce competition between the two largest newspapers in Israel – which in practice is translated into what is known by everyone as “capital-government-newspaper” relations. Crimes of bribery and breach of trust are serious and weighty crimes – of this there is no doubt. But a breach of the Anti-Trust Law is no less significant, particularly in the case of the two strongest and most influential newspapers in Israel, which determine public discourse and opinion. When the press is not neutral and is subject to political involvement, then it is impossible to believe anything and reality too becomes a political invention, something which poses a threat to any democracy. And somehow, nonetheless, the Police investigation completely ignored suspicions of breaches of the Anti-Trust Law.

In the past we approached the Attorney General and the State Attorney with a demand that the Police also investigate the anti-trust aspect in the framework of the “2000 affair”, parallel to investigations concerning breaches of integrity and their response to our petition in the matter, was that it should be dismissed on the grounds that it concerns a “pending investigation”.

So, the investigation has been concluded and it transpires that the probe avoided an investigation of the criminal aspect in question and ignored it, for reasons that have not been clarified.

We once again appealed to the Attorney General and to the State Attorney and demanded that the Attorney General order the law enforcement system to fulfill its duty, investigate the grave suspicions and complete the investigation also with regard to the anti-trust aspect of the affair.

In our last demonstration against the corruption we called on Netanyahu to declare himself temporarily incapacity until a decision is reached on whether to serve an indictment against him! Until then – sign the petition and share it on all social media, with friends, family and colleagues! Important, important, important!
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