The Electricity Reform: Where’s the transparency? What about the people’s right to know?

We object to the agreements reached behind closed doors, away from public scrutiny, concerning the reform in the electricity market. The public had no opportunity to weigh in and be heard on the reform, which greatly influences its financial future.

We object to the IEC (Israel Electric Corporation) remaining a monopoly in producing, conduction and distribution – especially, if the IEC given the option of building two new power plants – which greatly hinders the competition the reform is supposed to create.

It is of outmost importance that strict guidelines will be put into the reform that will force the IEC to enable renewable energy to enter the electricity market. Which will benefit the public and bring the country’s electricity market to be on par with the international level. We expect the state to continue its petition in front of the supreme court in order to overrule the labor court’s ruling – which is critical for preserving the state’s power over labor unions in monopolies in regards to reforms.