Important updates on our battle against the Recommendations Law

So what can we find in MK David Amsalem’s “Recommendations Law” (a bill that intends to forbid the police from summarising the findings of an investigation and offering recommendations to the State Attorney’s Office that an indictment be issued)?

** A Prime Minister who is allegedly abusing his status in order to advance his own interest in an unprecedented fashion, by exploiting his ability to shape the law as he sees fit. This is a shameless, personalised piece of legislation.

** Another flouting of the status of the Knesset, which has simply become a rubber stamp for the government, populated by MKs with no moral spine.

** The uncovering of the true face of the Kulanu party, which had promised to be a moderating influence on the present administration.

** Severe damage to the police as a professional body and to the law enforcement system as a whole.

** Critical damage to the ability to fight corruption.

** A total shattering of equality before the law.


Additionally, we now see that in order to rush this bill through, the rules are being bentMK Amsalem has somehow managed to orchestrate the discussions on the law being held in the Interior and Environment Committee (which, by no coincidence, he chairs himself), rather than the Constitution Committee, where these discussions were supposed to be held according to Knesset procedure. We have submitted an urgent petition against this. Furthermore, we are demonstrating in the streets, signing a petition against the law (which in only a matter of days has secured thousands of citizens’ signatures), and creating massive waves on social media. All this in order to stop the law passing.


Our legal and public pressure has begun to bear fruit and has resulted in ongoing investigations (including that of the Prime Minister) not being included within the law, and a vote on the law being delayed to a later date. The battle is, of course, not over. It will only end when the law is well and truly off the table.


This law represents a low point the likes of which the Knesset and successive governments have never seen. Politicians have ceased to act in the interest of the public, investing all their energy in themselves and to hell with Israeli democracy. There is no way to describe this but shame – a black mark against the government and the Knesset alike. Recommendations English