Will MK Bitan’s initiative strengthen specific newspapers while harming others?

Last week it was reported that MK David Bitan is promoting a new initiative that will change the distribution of governmental advertising funds in the printed press industry to correspond to the popularity of the newspaper. These advertisements are mandated by law and called “statutory advertising”- by which government offices are obligated to advertise information that is essential to the public.

The subject of newspaper adverts should definitely be examined, since these days everything can be advertised on the internet, which can save tax-payer money. However, according to reports, several senior coalition members say that Bitan’s initiative is intended to strengthen the big newspapers – “Yediot Aharonot” and “Israel Hayom” and to harm “Ha’aretz” which just last week reported that the police is checking into criminal aligations against Bitan while he served as the mayor of Reshon LeTziyon.

Is all this really about pay back? If this would have come from the accountant general’s office in the finance ministry, that’s one thing, but the way it’s being done – is clearly insincere.