MK Bitan – The position of Prime Minister is not a sanctuary

It doesn’t matter how they try to spin it, The ‘French Law’ (brought forward by MK David Amsallem), which states that a sitting Prime Minister cannot be investigated, is a bad law and its timing – even worse.

All of David Bitan’s threats from the last two days – that if the coalition members don’t vote for the “French Law” then the government will push for new elections – will not cover the fact that the current Prime Minister is under criminal investigation for alleged corruption offenses. Not to mention that for some reason the police are having troubles to schedule a meeting with the PM.

Avichai Mandelblit, the attorney general, described the absurdity perfectly by saying: “The Bill brought forward lacks any semblance of balance. The damage it will cause to the Rule of Law and the public’s trust – is immeasurable and unequivocal. The possible outcome might be a sitting PM with an unchecked ‘cloud of suspicion’ hanging over their head… in a democracy the Rule of Law is one for all – from the lowliest citizen to the Prime Minister. So it has been and so it should remain”.

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, they are trying to turn the position of Prime Minister to the most corrupt game of ‘hide and seek’ in Israel.