Standing with the President

“Governability means to steer the ship – not recreating the sailors to fit your own image”. President Reuven Rivlin, yesterday at the opening of the fourth session of the 20th Knesset.

This speech has been accused of “lacking in statemanship”. But the opposite is true: this is the time when Israeli democracy is being tested – when high waves are threatening to sink this wonderful ship, which has been built here for nearly 70 years, Rivilin’s words shine like a beacon of light in the dark.

A time in which we are witnessing more and more public representatives who give free rein to the unprecedented polarization of Israeli society and who are trying to pull the rug out from under the gatekeepers: the court, the media and the law enforcement authorities.

We choose to support the president’s voice, especially at this uneasy era for the representatives of statmantship. We support the voice of statemanship, that stands above all of the irresponsible statements – from rightwing to left.