Political appointments will not promote governability

The government decided on Sunday to accept the offer of the ministers Ayelet Shaked and Yariv Levin to appoint 15 deputy CEOs in governmental offices as political appointments, allegedly to promote governability.
So, why is the decision not going to promote governability, But instead bring rise to the “jobs distribution” culture?

First, everyone inside the ‘system’ knows that the civil servants definitely DO NOT hinder the ability of the ministers to govern. The complete opposite is true: the minister determines the policy and the civil servants carry it out. Secondly, according to the governability statement, the civil servants don’t obey the Directors General – who are political appointments themselves – and they’re preventing them from implementing the policies of the ministers. So, why would the Deputy Directors General manage to implement what the Directors General cannot?

And that is not all. Unlike the Director General, the Deputy Director General‘s Authority is limited. The decision determines all kinds of restrictions to this position, such as, they are forbidden from being in charge of units and departments of the office, and of employees that constitute a professional part of the office, they are not allowed to be involved in the work of the regulators, nor are they allowed to deal with appointments of civil servants – and these are just part of the many restrictions.

Thus, there is no real connection between the declared purposes of the decision to its implementation in practice. The only thing it will achieve is the job factory.