MQG: The Law Must Apply to All – Including Police Officers

MQG called on to the Minister of Public Security and to the Police Commissioner to initiate a probe to investigate the disturbing issues raised in the latest State Comptroller’s report. One of the main findings of the report was that many traffic violations are committed by police officers, yet the police continuously fails to deal with it. Such a probe must result in the prosecution of those mentioned in the report and publicizing the names of police officers who are responsible for the serious offences and were not yet punished to be publicized.


The State Comptroller recently published a very serious report regarding the introduction of the electronic traffic cameras and the enforcement of traffic laws. One of the main findings in the report is that the police fails in dealing with the many traffic violations committed by police officers. Up until February 2015, 1,337 out of the 2,777 reports (filed against policemen) were not treated.

Illustration of a police car

The State Comptroller’s report reveals that Half of the reports filed against policemen were not treated, and that the police simply “erases” many reports of violations conducted by policemen. Moreover, the report reveals that reports and indictments against police officers were closed due to ‘lack of public interest’, contradicting police protocol.

The report shows that in certain occasions, the police officers who were charged with the violations were Commanders or higher ranking officers, they usually stated that at the time of the violation they were on active duty, thus resulting in the cancelling the reports. Yet the State Comptroller’s investigation clearly shows that the reported violations conducted by those officers did not occur at the time of active duty.

The harmful results of such conduct on behalf of high-ranking police officers cannot be exaggerated. The fact that police officers are treated differently than ordinary citizens when it comes to traffic violations, greatly hurts the public’s trust in its law officials.

Unfortunately, Israel’s police, which is in charge of enforcing the law while serving as an example for obeying the law, is using an unofficial policy of canceling reports and indictments against police officers.

MQG calls on the Minister of Public Security and the Police Commissioner to initiate an immediate investigation to examine the issues shown in the latest State Comptroller’s report. Moreover, we demand that the names of police office who committed these offences and were not punished be published, along with the names of those in charge of the decision to cover up the charges.

The police must thoroughly check its ranks to make in order to ensure that such policies and behaviors won’t exist other in areas besides traffic violations. The police must prove to the public that everyone are equal by law, and that the same law applies to both citizens and police officers.