MQG petitions to Supreme Court against the appointing of Deri as Minister of Interior

The Movement for Quality of Government petitioned to the Supreme Court requesting the Issue of Order Nisi to cancel the decision to appoint Aryeh Deri as Minister of Interior, and also an Interim Order not to present the appointment of Deri for the confirmation of the Knesset, and to prevent Deri’s nomination as Minister.

MQG has appealed to the Supreme Court to annul the decision to appoint Aryeh Deri as Minister of Inerior, as he was convicted for bribery, deceit and breach of trust, whilst serving as Minister of Interior. The lack of extreme and fundamental logic in such an appointment which in fact renders him, inter-alia, without authority or account of the disgrace such an appointment reflects of the Government of Israel, and also the serious damage to his functioning and integrity towards Public Service authority of law and the confidence of the Public in the Government system.

MQG requests that the Court also issues an Interim Order not to bring the appointment of Deri as Minister of Interior to the confirmation of the Knesset, until the decision of the petition as well as an Interim Order directing the prevention of Deri’s appointment as Minister, and to avoid the implementation of the Minister’s authorities and especially to deal in matters of Finance and Budgets of local authorities, and this is until the petition is decided.

This petition is another step the Government of Israel has chosen to take towards chaos. This additional step – the appointment of Deri as Minister of Interior finally and exceptionally places us in an unreasonable position. This is the place where the Israeli Government confirmed the return of Deri to the same spot where he initially stole public funds, thus corrupting the government system. Deri, whose name will forever stand for the one who introduced the sysem of “bribery, typical of third world countries and corrupted regimes” (taken from Deri’s indictment), the same person who initiated an improper system at the Ministry of Interior of Israel, and badly affected local and central authorities and the connection between them for years to come. The same person who placed subculture on the level of art, till it became his mode of living and characterised his entire career advancement in the Ministry of Interior, that began as a consultant to a Minister, then Director of the office, and finally ended as the Minister.

Upon Aryeh Deri’s return to the same office, where he committed his crimes, to the same office which he used for his personal benefits, whilst establishing a system, which turns local authorities into a funnel for transferring monies to institutions and non-profit organizations which in their turn gave him the commission he demanded – was beyond all reasonability since this appointment becomes unreasonable in the extreme.

Deri performed these crimes whilst serving as Minister of Interior of the Government of Israel. There cannot be a worse breach of trust between the Government and their obligation towards the public of Israel.

In the light of the direct linkage between Deri’s serious crimes and the duties to which the government wishes to appoint him, Minister Deri is and cannot be a suitable candidate to be the Minister of Interior, and in any fabric of deliberations set before the High Court the time passed cannot serve as a moderating or amending influence.