MQG Calls on Newly Appointed Chief of Police to Reinstate Dismissed Police Whistleblower, Commander Ephraim Ehrlich

Upon the confirmation of Roni Alsheich’s appointment as the new Chief of Police, the Movement for Quality Government congratulates him and calls Alsheich to demonstrate leadership and establish vital norms of accountability, morality and commitment to integrity and professionalism in the Israeli Police Force.

Earlier this month, the committee for approving senior public positions (the Tirkel Committee), confirmed the appointment of Roni Alsheich as Chief of Israel’s Police force. An appointment to such a vital post is difficult and challenging even in regular circumstances – and was carried out in tough and complex circumstances. These circumstances included a long process where potential candidates refused to assume leadership of the organization, along with the nullified appointment of the previous candidate, Gal Hirsch, in light of protests by former senior Police officers who asked that the Police appoint an officer from within the Police, alongside a prolonged screening process that was unable to be completed in time.

The problematic circumstances we refer to also include challenging security problems, wide-spread crime and corruption, including from within the Police force, severe disturbances of the public order and terrorism. Furthermore, they include serious failures in Police functioning, in the honesty and morality of elements within such a vital service – which damages the protection as well as the enforcement of the law and the personal security of all citizens and residents in the nation. We therefore hope that the delayed process be completed shortly and we wish Roni Alsheich much success in his work.

Commander Ephraim Ehrlich (Photo: Chanel 2)

Dismissed Police Whistleblower, Commander Ephraim Ehrlich (Photo: Chanel 2)

The Movement for Quality Government calls upon the appointed Chief of Police to refrain from trying to “fit in” or strive to be liked by his subordinates or by the senior officers, some of who were dismissed from the Police for contempt of its values – but instead to demonstrate leadership and establish norms of accountability, morality, and commitment to integrity and professionalism.

In Israel’s Police there are committed Policemen and women who are fully motivated to carrying out their responsibilities. Yet there are corrupt elements and corrupting forces within the Police, and these need to be uprooted. The honest and competent Policemen and women need to be supported and strengthened, and it is important to reinstate dismissed Police whistleblowers such as Commander Ephraim Ehrlich (Cremsnit) who are fully committed to fighting crime and corruption.

A professional and ethical management on Alsheich’s part will return to Policemen and women the pride in their service and enthusiasm for their vital work, and it will renew in citizens their respect for governance and the rule of law.