Big money continues to meet privately with PM Netanyahu

MQG turned to the Prime Minister’s office last week invoking the Freedom of Information act to receive all the information regarding the meetings held by the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with heads of Israel Corp. over the past two years.

The Movement for Quality Government turned to Lofad Qablan, head of the Freedom of Information department in the Prime Minister’s Office, requesting to receive all available information regarding meetings held by the prime minister and his representative with Israel Corp. over the past two years.

The Israeli government is currently considering making concessions regarding taxation arrangements on natural resources that will apply on Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL). In addition, it was recently reported that Idan Ofer, the controlling shareholder of Israel Corp. and Nir Gilad, former CEO of Israel Corp. and current Chairman of the Board, met with the Prime Minister Netanyahu in order to pressure him to advance these concessions.

In light of these developments, MQG turned to the Prime Minister’s Office invoking the Freedom of Information act in order to obtain all information available pertaining to the meetings held by the Prime Minister, his aides and representatives, with heads of Israel Corp. and ICL, particularly during the last two years (since the “Sheshinksy 2” Committee was launched). The request includes details of meeting dates, names of attendees, subjects of meetings, plans and issues discussed, protocols and summaries of said meetings and details of all agreements and obligations reached of the parties involved.