MQG’s response to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Deri case

The Movement for Quality Government petitioned against the appointment of MK Aryeh Deri, who was convicted of accepting bribery, as a minister in the Israeli Government. The petition comes in light of the severity of the criminal act of accepting bribery and the destructive impact it has on the government’s public image, especially since Deri has yet to take any responsibility or express regret for his actions.

Accepting bribery is a the most fundamental form of corruption and someone who has been convicted of systematically taking bribes as well as attempting to circumvent the a law and judicial authorities has no place in public office.

בית המשפט

The Supreme Court, Jerusalem

From the supreme court’s ruling last week:

“The truth must be told, the required balance in our case between opposed considerations places us in a complex and difficult bind.  However, the appointment of Deri can be considered borderline on the realm of acceptability, in light of the various elements which have been described and given the weight of the discretion of the Prime Minister in these matters, we have found no cause to intervene”.

MQG’s stance is that the appointment of Deri is well outside the realm of acceptability.  The Movement is contemplating its further legal actions in this matter which may include requesting that the issue be discussed again considering the importance of the issue and its impact on governmental norms in Israel.