MQG calls on State Comptroller to publish the ‘Land Affair’ report

Press Release:

The Movement for Quality Government calls upon the State Comptroller to publish the report on MK Yoav Galant’s ‘Land Affair’

In the run up to the signing of coalition agreements, MQG calls on the State Comptroller with an urgent demand for the publication of the report on General MK Yoav Galant’s ‘Land Affair’, which remains confidential


Back in In 2010, a complaint was submitted to the State Comptroller’s office concerning planning and construction violations allegedly committed by General Yoav Galant, who was, at the time, a leading candidate for the position of Chief of Staff of the IDF. The investigation looked into the circumstances under which Galant received the lands in Moshav Amikam, the manner in which he trespassed onto government lands and the excessive amount of time that passed before the land was vacated.

The suspicion leading the investigation was that the Israel Land Authority and its various arms granted Galant preferential treatment, in a severe deviation from conventions of good administration. The findings of the investigation demonstrated that both the authorities in question and Galant himself acted improperly and in contravention of management regulations, in accordance with information received by the Movement that was also partially made public in the media. In the wake of the findings of the investigation, Galant’s appointment to the position of Chief of Staff was withdrawn.

Work on the investigation report finished in late January 2011, but for reasons that remain unclear the report remains confidential.


Galant’s Mansion in Moshav Amikam

In the run up to the signing of coalition agreements between the Likud and Kulanu parties, it was published in the media that MK Yoav Galant is to receive the Construction and Housing portfolio, and be appointed as minister of this department.

In the Movement’s opinion, the possibility that a man who has committed actions that elicited the submission of indictments against planning and construction violations, should now stand at the head of the department responsible for, among others, proper administration of government lands, the protection of state rights to these lands and fair portioning of housing resources, is no less than absurd.

The Movement for Quality Government is calling for the publication of the report in order for the public to be exposed to all information regarding the affair, so that it can express, in turn, its objection to the upcoming appointment and furthermore, to understand the full ramifications of Galant’s appointment to this position. As long as this information, which concerns a future minister in the Israeli government, remains confidential the public’s right to know is harmed as well as the public’s stake in freedom of information.